And we have a venue!

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So even though we weren’t officially engaged, Ben and I have been talking about getting married for at least 6 months.  It has been amazing to see how similar our views are on what we want our wedding to be.  As an event planner, I tend to be pretty meticulous about details and I knew a small wedding would mean fewer pesky details for me to obsess over focus on.  That, and I’ve always hated to be the center of attention – I shudder at the thought of standing in front of 100+ people.  Luckily Ben agreed to a smaller, more simple wedding, and we both like the idea of NOT spending $20,000.  Actually, our total wedding budget is more like $5,000.

Keeping a small budget in mind, it was pretty frustrating to find a venue for the ceremony + reception.  I have great colleagues who put up with me talking A LOT about this issue, and one of them (thanks Caitlin!) recommended a brewery about 40 minutes away.  I know what you’re thinking – A BREWERY?!?  But after doing some research, this place, the Blue Mountain Brewery, began to look like a major contender:  our ideal date was available; the rental fee was reasonable because it included lots of amenities; the event coordinator was really great to work with; and the food was delicious and affordable.  Oh, and Ben liked that it was a brewery 🙂 I have to tell you, this was major.  I really want him to be excited about our wedding location, and if it takes beer to make him love the venue, I’ll take it!

We went to visit, and here’s what we saw: a beautiful location for an outdoor ceremony, and a casually elegant indoor reception location.

Beautiful, right?  So we came home and talked about it and ultimately decided to put down a deposit!  For the record, I don’t care that our venue is a brewery.  I actually think it’s a beautiful place, and that’s all I really care about.  The beer doesn’t bother me in the least 🙂

Do you know of anyone who has gotten married at a brewery?  Or are we trail blazers in the wedding world?  🙂


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