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Runner FRENZY!

Or not…I’m actually not a huge fan of running in the traditional sense.  TABLE RUNNERS, however, I like.  In fact, I seem to be thinking about them (and Pinning them) a lot lately.  Until I can post photos of the Christmas/holiday-themed one I’m making for my dining room table, I thought I’d post photos of the ones I made last December.

I made one for my mother as a Christmas present, and unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it up and put it under the tree!  Oops 😉  Mom took a couple photos and emailed them to me, so here it is:


I know it’s a little hard to see, so here’s a close-up to get an idea of some of the details:


I also made one for our dining room table last year – but then we got a new table!  Our old table was round and the new one is much longer (oblong-shaped?) so the square-shaped runner made for the round table doesn’t quite work.  So I’m using it in the entryway and love it there.  It looks so pretty when the twinkle lights inside the glass-block “present” are glowing 🙂


I actually am THRILLED with how it fits the square table – looks like I made it to fit perfectly!  Don’t you just love happy accidents?  Happy holidays, everyone!


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I’m Back!

So it’s been a while…I mean, I haven’t posted since SEPTEMBER!  Yikes.  Sorry it’s been so long, but I have a good reason…I’m graduating on Saturday!!  As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’ve been working full-time and going to grad school part-time for THREE looong years.  And it’s my 2nd master’s degree.  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment 😉  Well I’m DONE and am excited to dive into my “new normal,” which will consist of fun DIY projects and wedding planning.

So even though I was writing a paper over Thanksgiving break, I made time for hanging with my family (my mom, brother and sister-in-law, and Ben’s family) and my mother’s two new kittens, Zoe and Max, the cutest little things you’ve ever seen. Here they are with my brother – I think Max is on the left and Zoe is on Jason’s lap but I’m not quite sure because I get them a little mixed up 🙂

Zoe and Max

And I did a little decorating around the house.  Ben’s favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard (yes, it’s evidently a Christmas movie…who knew?) and we watched it while decorating the tree and the house.  I really had fun, and think this may become a tradition in our house!

Christmas Tree

My ongoing project is making a Christmas-themed runner for our dining room table…I’m excited about the project because I love the fabric I’m working with.  Here it is below, but please forgive the photo – I was curled up on the couch with my t-shirt quilt so there’s a lot of fabric going on in this shot!


And finally, here are the blocks I’ve finished so far.  I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Quilt Runner

My next project is a Christmas tree skirt…it’s a good thing I’m done with school, because I have A TON of back-logged projects!  What DIY projects are you working on for the holiday season?  Please share 🙂

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