Our guiding philosophy to wedding planning…

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Ok – now that we’re almost 7 months removed from our early June wedding, I guess I should start to introduce some of the projects we tackled to keep the wedding budget affordable!


Before we were even officially engaged, Ben and I talked about what we both wanted our wedding to be like.  We both agreed that we wanted a small event (around 50-60 people) and we wanted to keep the costs as low as possible. Here’s our philosophy that guided every aspect of our wedding planning:

1) Neither of us are fans of being the center of attention and hoped that a small event would alleviate some of that uncomfortable feeling we both knew would come with being THE bride and THE groom at OUR OWN WEDDING.

2) Budget was an issue, and neither of us wanted to go into debt over paying for our wedding and honeymoon.  We have aspirations to own a house one day, and the idea of spending the equivalent of a house downpayment on a wedding (it’s ONE DAY, people. One day!) made us cringe.  Yikes.

3) We’re not millionaires.  Though each of our parents contributed financially what they could (and we are so grateful for their support!) we knew that the remainder would be on us and we wanted to minimize expenses as best as we could without skimping and making the event look cheap.  This last part is a big one for me – it’s one of the reasons I take DIY projects as seriously as I do…nothing’s worse than seeing something and knowing at first glance that it was a DIY…a good DIY should trick someone into thinking you hired it out or purchased it outright: “Oh, wow, this is great, where did you get it?”  “Thanks, I made it, actually!”

4) I plan events for a living and wanted to keep things fairly simple, if only for my own sanity.  I’m a perfectionist, and didn’t want the stress that a large event brings.  The venue we chose allowed for simplicity because of its classic, yet rustic decor and gorgeous location. We really didn’t need a bunch of extra “stuff” to make it pretty.  I’m convinced that simplicity is good for the soul!

So what’s your wedding philosophy?  Do you and your significant other agree or disagree on your vision for your special day?


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