Simple Yet Beautiful Table Decor

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Our wedding venue was a small local brewery in Afton, VA  called the Blue Mountain Brewery. I showed you photos of the brewery here. We can’t say enough wonderful things about Blue Mountain – the service, food, and ambiance can’t be beat.  Their event coordinator was absolutely saint-like and patient a pleasure to work with during the planning process, and their day-of event staff is first-rate. Ben and I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a small, casual yet beautiful, wedding. My beloved blue mason jars fit right into their decor 🙂

Since their decor was already pretty nice, I felt that only very simple table decorations were necessary. Keep it simple, right?  I love, love, LOVE blue mason jars and so I knew the table decor would center around those.  And I found a table runner edged in lace that I fell in love with on Pinterest that was our inspiration for the runners (see it here). So that was the general idea, here’s what the final product looked like:

Wedding Table Decor

And this is how we accomplished this look on a pretty small budget:

Table runners – all fabric and lace was purchased at Joann Fabrics (with a coupon!) for about $100. The lace was the most expensive part of the purchase – I think the fabric was $5/yard and we bought about 5 yards. We had 8 tables, so that comes to just about $10/table.  After doing the research on rental table linens, we knew this was an absolute bargain. The brewery’s tables were gorgeous and in great condition, so we were able to forgo basic table cloths and just use our DIY table runners. They took my mom and I about a day to sew and were pretty simple to make. We just measured the width/length of fabric we needed (based on the size of the table), folded the raw edges of the fabric under, pinned them, and sewed the lace to the edges. Easy peasy 🙂

Mason Jars – Most of them were either borrowed/free (a family friend had a collection she lent to us for the day) and my mom and I were able to purchase some for pretty inexpensively, for about $20 total (I refuse to pay more than $2-3/jar and some antique store vendors try to charge $7-10 per jar). Be frugal people! You CAN find blue mason jars for a good price! We used about 15 mason jars of varying sizes in the indoor and outdoor decor.

Flowers – I found an awesome florist in town that was willing to work with my small budget. You’d be amazed how many florists simply told me my wedding/budget was too small and they couldn’t be bothered to help me. I was SHOCKED. It never occurred to me that would be an issue! We spent a total of $330 for flowers and this included my bouquet, my 2 bridesmaid’s bouquets, and a daisy halo for Ben’s friend Abby (who was one of his attendants, she was a “groomsmaid”) and all of the flowers for the mason jars. The table flowers arrived loose to help us save some money – 4 of us arranged them in the mason jars the day before the wedding. The brewery allowed us to store them overnight in a refrigerator on the premises. Our florist ordered “wildflowers” per my request and tried to order as much as she could locally to keep the prices down. And she did a SPECTACULAR job on our bouquets. Here they are:

Bride and bridesmaid bouquets

Lego buckets – Oh, did I forget to mention that we had a Lego theme at our wedding? Ben’s just crazy about them and I thought it could be a cute idea as long as it wasn’t overdone. It was pretty cute, if I say so myself 🙂 We purchased 10 galvanized metal tubs in the Target dollar spot (1 each for the 6 smaller tables, and 2 each for the two long skinny tables) and bought ribbon that matched the bridesmaids dresses (from Joann Fabrics again) to thread through the holes on the sides. Ben bought a bulk tub of legos online for about $60 (I think) for a total of approx. $75.  The legos were a HIT! All of our friends and family seemed to get a kick out of them and built all sorts of neat Lego creations. Here’s what our sweet nephew made for us that day:


Cost breakdown:

  1. Fabric for table linens: $100 (Blue Mountain provided the fabric napkins, the flatware and the glasses)
  2. Mason Jars for flower arrangements: approx. $20
  3. Flowers for table arrangements: approx. $150 (the other $180 went to the 3 bouquets and daisy halo)
  4. Lego Buckets: $75 (for the Legos themselves, the Target Dollar Spot buckets, and the ribbon)

Total: $345 for the table decorations and entertainment. Not bad, considering all we got for that amount!

What do you think about our DIY wedding table decor? Has anyone else abandoned traditional table cloths for a simple table runner?  I’ll be back soon to talk about our other wedding DIY projects!


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