Me and my best buds, Mer & Lese!

I’m Jen.  I’m a crafter, a DIY-er, and I love to find deals.  It pains me to pay full-price for just about anything.  Back in my poor college-student days, I would see something I loved and think, “I could make that myself for so much less!”  I love to find arts and crafts projects on blogs and Pinterest and use them for inexpensive gift ideas and home decor inspiration.

I started quilting about 2 years ago and am in love with the art form.  It’s so much fun to choose fabrics and personalize my quilts for the people I’m giving them to!  It’s a bit of a surprise that I became a quilter – I had never used a sewing machine before I took my beginning quilting class.  My mom has an amazing talent for sewing and all fabric crafts (she learned how to sew a Cabbage Patch Doll in the early 80’s when they were impossible to find in stores…and I still have the doll 25+ years later) but I never expressed an interest in learning to sew, and she never pressured me to learn.  Who knows why I took that first quilting class – now I like to think of it as a natural extension of crafting, and I absolutely love it.

I also love searching for deals at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift shops.  I’ve inherited this hobby from my mom, and she was a great teacher – thanks to her I can haggle over prices with the best 🙂 There’s something incredibly rewarding about finding unique items for great prices, then giving them a little TLC to make them beautiful again.

My fiancé, Ben is so supportive of my crafty, DIY, frugal, nature.  I’m lucky to have found someone who doesn’t mind waking up at early hours to go yard saling with me!  You can bet that I’ll be DIY-ing some items for our wedding next June (hence the name of this blog), but only time will tell what those projects will be.  I’m having some major bouts of indecisiveness where the wedding decor is concerned.  Any ideas from you all will be greatly appreciated!


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